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Design life is up to 15 years
LFP battery capacity is over 80% left after 1C charge & discharge under 100% DOD condition for 3500 cycles.
The design life is up to 15 years. But the lead-acid  battery will only cycle 500 times at 80% DOD.
5 year warranty
5-year warranty service to ensure the professional technical support and replacement for Roypow LFP golf cart battery. 
Free Maintenance
No waterfifilling, no terminal tightening and cleaning of acid deposits on the top of our batteries.
The quick-charging time is ONE hour only for 80% charged and the standard charging time is FIVE hours for fully charged. 
Built-in protection functions
It contains multiple built-in protection functions: over charge protection, over discharge protection, over heated protection, short circuit protection etc.
Light weight
Half of the size and of the weight take a big load of of the turf, protecting one of customer’s most valuable assets.The lighter weight also means the golf cart can reach higher speeds with less efort and carry more weight without feeling sluggish to the occupants.
Safety and environmental protection
The lithium-ion battery is environmentally friendly. No emission of toxic and hazardous chemicals. No lead evaporation. 
No hydrogen during charging. Less turf compaction due to lower vehicle weight.




Battery Dimensions

56 A/H: 18.11 x 13.15 x 9.13 IN
160 A/H: 31.49 x 14.17 x 8.70 IN 


56 A/H: 77lbs
160 A/H: 159lbs

Typical Mileage Per Charge

56 A/H: 20-30 Miles per charge.
160 A/H: 60-70 Miles per charge.

The average 18 hole round of golf is 6-8 miles.

Mileages based on 2012+ (48V) fleet carts. Adjust for non-stock items: upgraded controllers/ motors, AC units, older carts, etc.  The battery meter included in the kit will show empty at 20% battery capacity in order to have enough power to get you back home so please adjust the distance numbers as needed

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

No water filling or terminal tightening and cleaning of acid deposits like lead-acid batteries

Built-In Protection Functions

Multiple built-in protection functions to insure safety including over charge protection, over discharge protection, over heated protection and short circuit protection

Higher Charging Efficiency and Less Power Consumption

RoyPow LiFePO4 batteries can be charged quickly in a short time, such as taking a rest, effectively increasing productivity.

5 Year Warranty

The warranty is for LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery only.
RoyPow (USA) Technology Co., Ltd. (“Manufacturer”) warranties each RoyPow® branded battery sold by RoyPow or any of its authorized distributors or dealers in the United States (“Battery”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a duration period of 5 years, after the date of purchase, as evidenced by the original receipt (the “Warranty Period”).
If your battery fails due to a defect during the Warranty Period, you may obtain a free relevant after-sales maintenance service.
Any replacement batteries or accessories you obtain under this Limited Warranty must be identical or reasonably equivalent to your original ones.
The warranty replacement value (item price on proof of purchase) will start from the date of purchase and subsequently decrease at a monthly rate of 1.67% until the end of year 5 is reached.

Lithium batteries under normal use will provide you over 10 years of maintenance free service! While lead acid will last just 3-5 years based on how well you maintain the batteries.

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